3 Important Rules before Installing Roof Edge Protection

3 Important Rules before Installing Roof Edge Protection

Rules and regulations of your state federal and state laws should comply without further ado. And that includes the installment of roof edge protection. This roof edge protection should be installed on tall commercial buildings or even residential housing to prevent workers from falling during the construction. Good things about roof edge protection are surely about the protection of your workers. However, the downside of it comes from the fact that this could cost you more money that you have not predicted before. However, no matter how you look at it, a rule is still a rule and you don’t have any other option than to follow it. So then, what are you going to do with this roof edge protection?

roof edge protection

To make sure that the installment of your roof edge protection is not going to waste you any more money than you already do, you should consider the following criteria before choosing your vendor:


  1. Designed in accordance with regular standard set by the rules and regulations. Otherwise, your installment would be a waste of money. Moreover, you might get a penalty from the government institution for not following the standard rule.
  2. Low profile design. This low profile design is necessary because roof edge protection only meant to be temporary as it needed only during construction. The low profile design means the low budget for as long as it serves its purpose to prevent men from falling off the roof.
  3. This is also important because due to the freestanding system, your roof will not be damaged. The freestanding system allows the roof edge protection to be installed freely without penetrating the roof area. Freestanding uses rubber membranes to stand strongly to protect the workers and at the same time, not damaging the roof.


Make sure that you follow those three rules above before you decide on your vendor.