3 Useful Tips You Should Know While Using TeamSpeak

3 Useful Tips You Should Know While Using TeamSpeak

I believe many of us the internet users, especially for gamers, use TeamSpeak a lot. For a short introduction, TeamSpeak 3 is a VoIP (Voice over IP) chat application. This application sometimes used by gamers (like myself) to do voice chat while do some gaming business. I also knew this application through my game buddy. We usually called it as ts3. There two important things we need if we want to use ts3: ts3 client and ts3 server. Now, after you knew a glance of what is ts3. I am going to tell you several useful tips you might want to know when using this application later.

Toggle Mute

To prevent any trash talker gamer that is not part of our team, we can do some bindings to silent the microphone. Goservers to options window then choose Hotkeys on the left menu. Clicks add to create new binding and set the option to ‘Toggle Microphone Mute’ ‘On Key down’ and click your in-game voice button. Then click OK to confirm.

Display the flag all time

This feature purpose is to make us easier to recognize where your team are from. The default option of ts3 only shows us the country flag. To make the flag visible all the time, you need to go to the Options window then choose Design in the menu. Click ‘Display country flag on clients’ option to activate this feature.

Save the chat history

This is really important especially if we are in need to keep several important messages. They disabled this feature as the default option in this application, so we need to configure it manually by accessing the Options window then choose Chat on the menu. Set the maximum number of chat lines to 1000, then check ‘log channel chats’, ‘log private chats’ and ‘log server chats’.