Best Aluminium Garden Furniture

Best Aluminium Garden Furniture

It is time to apply the Best Aluminium Garden Furniture. The first is the pot, which is one element of furniture is often attacked by fungi that need to be cared for and maintained in order to remain durable. If the moss is already starting to look at the pot it means the pot must be cleaned. Tips pot is cleaned by spraying water, then enforced limestone or dolomite, and then brushed up missing mushroom and color green contained in the pot. If the color has faded, the pot can be repainted. Painting pots can also be blocked by the growth of fungi. To avoid the growth of moss in the pot, wash the pot regularly from old leaves are falling, withered and rotten.

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For treatment pond planted with water plants, water circulation should be done every 1-2 weeks if the pond is small or once a month if the pool is large. The pool needs to be cleaned to avoid the growth of algae that did not diminish the scenic beauty of the minimalist garden. In addition to the need to consider the value of the beauty of the minimalist garden, we must also consider the health of the minimalist garden. One of them keep the pond contained in the minimalist garden does not become a hotbed growth of larvae. To avoid this, you can put the fish in the pond every 1m3 as many as 10 animals. It is types of fish that can be selected in the form of carp or astringent. Other benefits if the fish is placed droppings can be used as fertilizer for aquatic plants.

Plants used in the minimalist garden are practical and easy to maintain. Step tips on how to care for the first one was watering the plants. Do watering the plants at least once a day in the morning or afternoon. If the dry season, do water twice a day, morning and evening. This is done in order to keep the plants fresh Due to the dry season crops need more water. However, the provision of water not too much because it can make the plants quickly decays.

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