Catheterization Training: Proper Procedure to Do It

Catheterization Training: Proper Procedure to Do It

Health care workers who are responsible for administering catheterization need to undergo catheterization training in order to do the work properly and correctly. Such training is also helpful for carers who have the treat and care for their patients at home. You probably think that it is about inserting the urimedication trainingnary tube only, but when administered not properly or correctly, the procedure can be painful and even dangerous – leading to infection, great discomfort, and pain.


About Catheterization

Urinary catheterization is basically a procedure that will collect the urine by draining it from the bladder straightly into the tube. You may not know this, but the catheterization course is available for health care staffs and personnel, covering both practical and also theoretical elements. If you decide to take the course, you should understand why the procedure is needed, what kind of equipment is needed (and how to select each one of them), and how the process is done and administered.


The main purpose of the course is to provide participants with the familiarity of catheterization, including the different procedures for female and male catheterization. The participants should also get used to the proper handling, changinglearning, and also inserting of the catheters. When you take part in the training course, keep in mind that the trainers usually provide all the equipment needed for the direct practice. So, you don’t need to bring anything to the training site.


The Contents

When you take part in the training course, here are some of the main subjects for your study:

  • Methods and also definitions of catheterization
  • Reasons for the procedures to be done
  • Advantages and also possible disadvantages of urinary catheters
  • The differences between urethral and suprapubic catheters
  • Female and male anatomy
  • Female urethral procedure catheterization (both practical and theoretical sessions)
  • Male urethral procedure catheterization (also both practical and theoretical sessions)
  • Record storage and keeping
  • Checklist for post procedure
  • Post catheter procedure positioning
  • Framework training records competency

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