Classic Towing: Providing Heavy Duty Towing for Trucks, Trailers, and other Large Vehicles

Classic Towing: Providing Heavy Duty Towing for Trucks, Trailers, and other Large Vehicles

Every vehicle is designed to be able to work hard; otherwise, they will not be sold to the public. However, unfortunate things can happen anytime and we might need to take our car, truck, or other motorized vehicles for repair. It is impossible to bring the vehicle without any assistance to a repair shop, especially if we have a flat tire or damaged wheels. Therefore, we need a towing service to carry our vehicle. If we have a large vehicle like trailers, though, a specialized tow truck will be needed.

Classic Towing & Heavy Duty Towing

Classic Towing is the solution to your disabled trucks, trailers, bus, or other large vehicles. Based in Illinois, Classic Towing serves 24 hours a day for over 30 cities and towns in the state, such as Aurora, Naperville, and Plainfield. Since the towing company has been operating for 25 years, it already has a lot of experience in several situations and cases. Classic Towing is even trusted by police departments from a few cities in the state to take care of emergency calls concerning automotive problems. Apart from heavy duty towing, the company provides services for cars and motorcycles as well.

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Available Services

Along the great 25 years of helping people to take their vehicles, Classic Towing offers various services to handle different cases that often happen. Among all of them, the services include recovering vehicles that are involved in an accident, pulling cars that fall into a ditch or snow, changing tires, delivering gas, and many more. Whether you drive a hatchback sedan or an RV, Classic Towing will take care of the ride with low clearance flatbed truck to avoid damages to bumpers or exhaustion during the towing. For more information visit Classic Towing, there you will get all necessary informaiton.