Composing a Professional Portfolio

Composing a Professional Portfolio

You are probably thinking about making your own and personal model portfolio although you are not a model.  For models, the portfolio is important because the albums can be shown to potential agencies and clients to help them decide whether they are going to hire the model or not. But for ordinary people (like you and I), the portfolio is like a personal album that shows the good side of yourself. You can look like a model, with all the good and promising features – just like shown on the pictures.


The Common Misconception

A lot of people think that all the pictures taken during the photoshoot can be used in the portfolio album. In reality, you need to choose only some of the truly best and awesome pictures. So, when the photographer takes 30 pictures of you, it doesnmodel photo’t mean that the 30 pictures are all good and perfect. It is possible that you only find 5 or 6 perfect pictures from the total 30 shots. Those 5 or 6 pictures are the ones that should be included in your portfolio.


Compiling a Portfolio

Basically, a portfolio consists of only several photos, such as the headshot, the full-length picture, and the bathing suit picture. However, it is possible to have different varieties to the album, especially if you have dealt with different photographers and different themes. Some models may also include their photos in jeans, in shorts, or in a summer dress. Some may have black and white photos while some may have a psychedelic theme. If there are different photos of you in different themes, it is a good idea to include them all there.



It is important, though, to have the headshot as you open the first page. If you are a model, your clients or agents want to see your facial features – and possibly, the unique assets you have. If you are looking for photographer visit official website.