Driving Instructor

The most important part in driving lesson is the driving instructor. Finding a good driving instructor will take time, though. But don’t worry. We will tell you how to find a good one. It is worth the time andriving lessonsd effort in find one because you spend your money on them.

So, what makes an instructor a good instructor?


They are approved by the government

Only Approved Driving Instructors or ADI or DSA licensed under training instructors are allowed to charge you. Government’s approval means that the instructors are able to teach.

How do you know they are approved?

Simple. Look at their badge. There are two kinds of badges, the green one and the pink one. A green octagonal badge shows that they are ADI and are qualified. A pink triangle badge shows that the instructors are not yet fully qualified and are under training but is allowed to teach.

They treat you respectfully

A good driving instructor is the one who put all of their attention to you during a driving lesson. No phone calling, filling fuel, drop off, pick up or music playing. No distraction is allowed. Also, you should be treated respectfully. Even if things go wrong, driver studentthey should not make you uncomfortable in anyway. Let alone shouting at you.

They make the most of the lesson time

Indeed. A good instructor will make the most of the lesson time. A good instructor is the one who is punctual. They come in time for the appointment. Also, they come prepared, with the well-maintained car and lesson plan.

They teach at your own pace

People learn differently. A good instructor will know this. They are willing to teach you at your own pace and skills until you are ready for the real test.

Those are what make an instructor a good instructor. Always remember, you are the customer. You pay them to teach you. You pay them to teach you how to drive, and that is what you should get. http://www.dddrivingschool.co.uk/