Farm Plast: Durable Milk Crates for any Kind of Business

Farm Plast: Durable Milk Crates for any Kind of Business

When you own a retailing company, a tool that can help your warehouse workers carry stocks of items or load them to distribution trucks is a necessary need. Whatever the items that your store sells, it will be much of a help to carry a couple of things at the same time to save time and energy. However, you obviously do not want to hear that some items are damaged since a crate cannot withstand the weight and got broken when one of your staff carry it.

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Looking for a Strong, Long-lasting Crates

In order to avoid that kind of problem and save your company from losing any profit as possible, you need to accommodate your warehouse and distribution staffs with reliable milk crates that can be used for a long time and endure heavy weights. Farm Plast is one of the most favored plastic molding companies in the U.S. that provides durable milk crates for any kind of retailing corporates. Its products are molded using top-class HDPE plastics with a great durability. They are also easy to be stacked on top of one another, which can save so much space in storage.

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Farm Plast produces two kinds of crates, rectangular and square ones. Rectangular ones are 18.75” by 13” and can fit 6 1 gallon milk jugs while the square ones are 13” by 13” and fit 4 jugs. There are several colors that you can pick and Farm Plast can even mold your company’s logo on the crates. Orders are made from Farm Plast website, where you can customize the inquiry based on the types, colors, number, and additional details. You can either purchase 1, 3, 4, 6, or dozens of crates in a single order.