Fence Builders Bristol

Fence Builders Bristol

Do you want to build a fence around your house? If you do, there are three things you need to consider first. They are material, functionality and fashion and visual appeal. Don’t worry, we will cover all of that in this article. Also, we will give you a recommendation of fence builders if you’re in Bristol area. Now, let’s start.



There are five materials you can choose, wood, chain link, aluminum, PVC and steel. Of course, each material has their own strength and weakness. We will cover two of them, just to give you an insight. The first material is wood. Wood is a good choice if you want a customizable fence and provide a natural appearance. The weakness of wood is it needs regular maintenance and its lifespan is not as long as the other materials. The second material is PVC. Unlike the wood, PVC needs no maintenance and can last longer. The weakness, however, is that it is not as strong as steel. It can also crack under cold weather.

Functionality and fashion

What is your reason of building a fence? Is it privacy? Security? Or you want windbreaker for your garden? The reason why will determine what kind of fence you should build. For example, if you want privacy, you should install heavier than the taller fence. This will act as noise blocker. Additionally, you can also add overlapping fence panels, so no stranger can peek around your property.

Visual appeal

This aspect is entirely based on your preference. You can add texture to your fence by combining, for example, bamboo screening with wooden fence posts. Or you can add stylish PVC.

These are things you need to consider. If you don’t have time or skill to build your own fence, you can use fence builder service. If you’re in Bristol area, you can contact Beckswood Fencing. They have high-quality fence material, not to mention they also have experienced staff ready to give you the best service. Continue reading