What to Do for First Timer Waxing Newbie

What to Do for First Timer Waxing Newbie

For some people, going for a waxing for the first time can be a scary experience – if not the traumatic one. Yes, waxing can be painful, but the pain isn’t as horrific as you think. A lot of people walk out the waxing studio with a big smile on their face because the pain isn’t as bad as they think. Moreover, you can minimize the pain as long as you consult your procedure with the therapist and really follow their directions to make the experience as painless as possible.


Initial Consultation

When you come to a waxing Soho salon or studio, keep in mind that you can always talk in details about the procedure. You don’t have to undergo the procedure right there, right now. You have the right to think it through first before making a decision.

bikini waxing

When you talk about the procedure, ask detailed questions to the therapist. Are they catering to women only or to men also? How they treat bushy hair? How do they deal with hair on large areas? Can they explain the differences of bikini waxing, hot waxing, Hollywood waxing, and such thing alike? How do they like to treat their clients? Do they always agree to provide services to clients without looking at the clients’ condition? Make sure that you use the consultation time to really know about the procedure. Also, ask the therapist to explain the procedure to you.


Initial Checking

When the therapist wants to check on the type of hair that is going to be waxed, let them be. Even when you want to have the waxing procedure done on your genitals, the therapist should be able to see the type of hair you have. Don’t worry; they won’t do anything – they only take a glimpse. Then they can decide whether you are perfect for the treatment or whether you need to come back for several weeks. They may advise you to grow or trim the hair.