Gaming Party Bus – New Experience

Gaming Party Bus – New Experience

Welcome to the Gaming Party Bus, the leading source of mobile video game parties in the UK. We are here to make your party one of the most memorable parties. If you are looking for the ultimate video game party experience, give us a call. We will deliver the fun and park our appealing mobile video game truck straight to your front door.

The location and the date are all yours. But remember to make a reservation, at least, a month in advance to secure the date. We will come to your location and host a memorable party to your guests. Currently, we have mobile video game truck filled with the latest video game consoles. Xbox One, Wii U, and powerful PC are ready to amuse your guest and bring your gaming experience to the next level. Our Xbox One gaming stations are all linked, so you can challenge or co-op with your friends.gaming

Call Your Squad & Book Mobile Video Game Truck

Bring your crowd! We have a huge interior with a cool design that leaves your guest in awe. Our interior concept is TRON neon effect with luminescent blue light. 20 people can fit together inside our wagon. They can play together with comfy. Do you have a bigger squad? Sit back and relax. We provide additional TV in the outside (of course with weather permission). It can accommodate more people to experience more realistic and exciting gaming experience.

It doesn’t matter if you have a special occasion like birthday party, adult party, corporate events, wedding or just looking for a memorable gaming experience with your friends. We will bring the fun and happiness to you. We guarantee that your party will be one of the best. Just give us a call and fill the booking form. Our team will gladly assist you to hold unforgettable gaming party experience.