How Do New Students in College Choose Student Accommodation?

How Do New Students in College Choose Student Accommodation?

 Choosing accommodation for student could be a personal matter. Every individual will have a different preference from one to another. However, getting the student accommodation could be not 100% based on what we want. The Southampton student accommodation could not mostly give what they want in the student accommodation. But, they may find the one that can fulfill some of the wishes about accommodation for students. We can take a look how people choose the best accommodation for student.

The location

The distance between campus and the accommodation could be the reason people choose the students accommodation. Some of the students like the one that is near the campus. It happens to almost 60% of the students. They may want live nearby campus so they will not need to use transportation to go to campus.

The price

It is more than 62% of new students in college choose the student accommodation based on the price. It can be denied that the price could be the main consideration in choosing student accommodation. It shows that most people will considerate the price before they make a deal for living in the student accommodation.

The bed

It is about 73% of the students will choose the accommodation for student when it has a double bed. The student Student Accommodationaccommodation is the private rented property. As the one who will live in the student room, they may want to be more comfortable if the room is featured with double bed.

The internet

It is quite surprising that teenagers now need the internet so much. Almost 90% of students want to have fast internet in the accommodation. From the numbers, it seems that they do not care about the price, the proximity or the double bed, as long as they have fast internet. Get your place today,