Inflatable Paddleboard Reviews 2016 for Beginners

Inflatable Paddleboard Reviews 2016 for Beginners

Why does everyone seem to be looking for an inflatable paddleboard reviews 2016 on the internet nowadays? If you are looking for a nice, relaxing paddling activity in the open water then paddleboard really is your best choice.


Why? Because you don’t have to be a professional to be riding on this one. You just need to put it in the water, stand on the board and start paddling. As simple as that. However, is it really just because of that?


History of Inflatable Paddleboard

Actually, paddleboarding is something that already takes place a long-long time ago in Africa, Asia and also Europe. In calm water, paddleboarding can be seen as a mean of transportation. In 2013, the trend of paddleboarding has shifted from a mere transportation to another kind of sport, which is a relaxing and fun one.


What to Choose

In this inflatable paddleboard reviews 2016, we have summed up the best reviews that you will ever receive when strolling around the internet. It will surely come in handy to help you choose the perfect inflatable board for your relaxing cruise in a calm water. And here are the lists of tips and tricks of the inflatable paddleboard reviews 2016 that will surely help you in finding the perfect board.


  • Choose the 10″ size rather than the 6″ because it is sturdierpaddleboardnig
  • If you plan to have only one paddleboard then choose the all around type
  • A dependable paddleboard must be made in either hardened rubber material or heavy duty PVC
  • By far, the Tower Adventurer is the perfect choice for a beginner because it provides the stability and versatility that every beginner needs
  • Inflatable board is just like an inflatable raft which has the same story effect that makes it more durable when bumping into rocks
  • Measure your body height like if you are short, then you don’t want to choose a board that is too wide for you to be having a difficulty in paddling from side to side


Now that you have enough information in this inflatable paddleboard reviews 2016, are you ready to start paddling? If so follow this link.