Instructor Franchise

Instructor Franchise

Do you want to join a driving school? And do you want to be your own boss? Then choosing to join approved driving instructor franchise might be the perfect choice for you.

Why choosing a instructor franchise and not be an independent one?

Starting a new business is not easy. Being an independent driving instructor is no exception. As a driving instructor, your source of work comes from recommendation. It takes the time to build a reputation so you can be recommended. There is another way, though. You can join already established driving instructor franchise. That way, you won’t need to build a reputation from scratch.

One of a driving school that provides instructor franchise is the DD Driving School. It is a professional driving tuition company who provides automatic or manual driving tuition for people of all age based on West London.

Why should you choose them?instructor franchise

Benefits of joining DD Driving School Franchise

If you join DD Driving School Franchise, you will gain a lot of benefits. What are they?

They are:

  1. Most bookings are done through online prepaid booking
  2. No extra charges for supplying students
  3. Fixed weekly franchise fee
  4. Unlimited supply of pupils
  5. Dedicated senior instructor team support
  6. Free extra training or advanced course if needed
  7. Free standers check training
  8. Brand new car replacement every 52 weeks and fully insured, taxed, maintained branded tuition vehicle
  9. Strong quality works ethics
  10. Online diary system to help you manage bookings
  11. Marketing material support through leaflets, posters, business cards and more
  12. A range of DD branded clothing to help you identify yourself as professional driving instructor
  13. Advertisements on Google and other leading search engines, as well as social media to increase your business


So, what about it? Interested in DD Driving School Franchise?