Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality sounds almost archaic in an age of OLEDs, 4K, Kinect, glasses-free 3-D and all the other amazing ways that exist today to interact with the game. Oculus Rift looks like a pair of ski goggles. Inside there are two lenses, one for each eye, which leads to a single LCD screen. The final screen will be 7 inches while the 5.6-inch prototype tested. The screens provide two separate images, one for each eye, so that users get a stereoscopic 3-D.oculus rift

Oculus Rift site said using special tracking technology that makes a 360-degree head tracking latency so low that allows users to seamlessly pass through the virtual world as in the real life. Every subtle movement of the user’s head tracked in real time, creating a natural and intuitive experience.

This powerful tool works as a peripheral. You connect it to your computer and play games with her PC. He needs a large capable gaming PC at this time. Oculus Rift started as a hobby project, Palmer Luckey. This man began to unload his Smartphone and then make it as a precursor Oculus Rift.

Luckey wrote their projects in a forum, where he met John Carmack, a legendary game creator Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D and more. Carmack asked Luckey conduct product testing. He liked it and became its greatest supporter.

Carmack also brought Luckey onto the stage at E3 gaming convention and even helped in the development process. Then the project was worked on Kickstarter, a funding platform world for creative projects.

When testing the prototype screen Oculus Rift, Nosowitz recognizes the development team has worked very hard to eliminate the latency that occurs. The design is also slightly different.

Users who use the Oculus Rift will enter an entirely new world. They will respond to body movements like in the real world. Very comfortable and the equipment is not too heavy, just 369 grams. Really like ski goggles.

Rift provides 110-degree viewing angle. The combination with a wide viewing angle and a head tracking stereoscopic 3D has what has claimed developers create virtual reality experience of the future. Development Kit is expected to come out in March and the company expects the consumer version of the product can be released not too long this year. Oculus said it costs about the US $ 300. According to Nosowitz, Rift product at VRheadsets3d is one of the most amazing things at CES this year.