Per Diem ECMO, Is It Worth-Hiring or Not?

Per Diem ECMO, Is It Worth-Hiring or Not?

Just like perfusionist, a personnel who applies ECMO method should be well-trained as they are responsible for the life of the patients in relation to the use of the heart and lungs during a surgery. Do you still remember what ECMO is? ECMO is the abbreviation for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation, a method that is commonly used to provide both cardiac and respiratory support to patients whose heart and lungs are unable to work as normally as it should be to sustain life. Hospital, clinics or organizations that have things to do with this medical treatment should have the professionals. Interestingly, the trend is not that they are hired for good and receive payment every month like others.

Yes, as you can guess we are talking about outsourced ECMO professionals. Compared to the regular employees, the outsourced are hired temporarily only during a period of time, for instance until they complete one or two surgeries. As their working time is limited, they can be paid each day of their duty, called per diem ECMO. The question is are they as good as ECMO pros who stay in one hospital? The answer is yes because:

They have gone through a special program

All pros in this field have to attend a special program whether at last they choose to be a permanent ECMOPer Diem ECMO personnel in one place or being an outsourcing. This means that what type of job and how they are paid do not determine their qualification. Remember, only qualified individuals that can handle the job.

They are full of dedication

No, it is not a subjective view. It is reasonable in the way that they deal with the patients’ life. They are responsible for cardiac and respiratory support in which they cannot be careless in doing that. The risk if they fail to fulfill their responsibility is too huge. For them, dedication is not an option but moral obligation.