Personalize Your Desk With Office Stationery

Personalize Your Desk With Office Stationery

So you just got your dream job and start working. You got the same boring space in a cubicle just like other employees. What left to do is for you to get the right office stationery that will translate your personality to your space.

Office Stationery

Work Vs Personal

You sure have seen people who have their desk cluttered with pictures. They have some of the pictures framed on their desk and the others are pinned on their walls. Well, you sure also have a couple items on your desk that serve as a memory trigger. But why don’t you choose several stationary that will show who you really are without getting in the way. A Star Wars pen case or a simple box with Hello Kitty insignia might work. Seriously, anything will do.


Less is More

Have you ever noticed that people who have an actual office never have their desk cluttered? They only have necessary items on their desk. Laptop, one or two framed pictures, pen and that’s it. It doesn’t matter if you’re an organized mess or simply feel better with a cluttered desk. People will judge you based on how your desk looks. Therefore, have less on your desk will get you more points. Sides, clean looking desk will give you a better feeling when you start your day. Don’t trust me? Try to clean your desk on the weekend, and when you return for work on Monday, you will feel greatly better.Office Stationery


Stationary can be a very private thing. Some people might be overly protective of their stationary. That might come across as weird, but that’s what mostly happened. Anyhow, you still can collect cute stationary that you like. Just remember to only keep a few on your desk. That way you can keep your collection complete as well as showing off your real personality to your work colleagues.