Postgraduate Study in the UK

As the people more aware of the importance of education, many of them register to the postgraduate degree. Some studentspeople even prefer to go overseas to enter the postgraduate program. The UK is one of the destinations most of the people in this world.

Then, why people choose the UK? Because the UK has an advance of research development. In the UK, you can find many literature products as your reference. The library in the UK universities supports their students very well. Moreover, the teachers in the UK are undeniably professional.

If you are now considering to continue your postgraduate program in the UK, you must update the information about it. So many international students who finish their undergraduate degree, register to the postgraduate UK study program.

Furthermore, UK is already well known for its English education. It is so fortunate if you are going to take English. There are four types of a postgraduate degree in the UK.

Master’s Degree

Master takes time about a year, and if you include research in your study, it will take until 2 years.

Master’s of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA degree is for you who want to enter the business world. The course you take depends on your university.

Doctorate Degrees (Ph.D., DPhil, EdD)

Although commonly people achieve their master’s degree before Ph.D., in England it is not a must. You can continue your Ph.D. after your undergraduate degree if you have academic achievement.

Postgraduate Certificates

There are also other postgraduate certificates in the UK universities. If you do not need master’s degree, it can be an option for you. Postgraduates certificate will give you a qualification that is beneficial to your profession. If you want to take a different course from your undergraduate degree, you can also have conversion course in the UK.