Three Types of Home Care from Live in Care

Three Types of Home Care from Live in Care

24 hour care at home: insight

The service from Live in Care for the 24 hour care at home is available in three types. They are a low dependency, medium dependency, and high dependency. Each type of the services provides six kinds of caretaker job. The level of every service is determined by the need and the condition of our family member who need to be taken care.

The low dependency

We can choose the low dependency service when our family member who needs to be taken care does not have a severe condition. He or she may only need a little help and a companion at home or for other stuff. The low dependency includes full mobile companion. The caretaker will help the sick people or the elderly to any place that they have to be. If they have diseases or certain medical condition, the caretaker will remind when they need to take the medicine. Besides being a company and medical care, the caretaker is also able to do some homework job. On the low dependency service, we will get the caretaker to handle the shopping for daily need or certain condition. The caretaker also will do cooking, cleaning and washing.

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The medium dependency

For the medium dependency, the caretaker will do some domestic duties. Then, he or she will be able for companionship. The agency will allow for mobile with the use of aids. The caretaker will be able to be the assistance in medical care, such as medication. He or she is willing for the incontinent issue. When hiring a caretaker, we can ask them to go shopping for our needs too.

The high dependency

With the severe condition, sick people or elderly is not able to do many things even for themselves. Then, we can hire a caretaker for companionship and assisting the medication. The caretaker also needs to be able to use some equipment for their need. Nursed in bed and double incontinent could be done for them. Domestic duties are also part of the service.