Understanding Still Life Photography

Understanding Still Life Photography

If you think that still life photography is boring because it is about inanimate objects, then you certainly don’t have the skills or the knowledge to make them beautiful or artistic. A professional still life photographer is able to capture any moments and make them meaningful. They know the right angle and how to present the images as stories.


About Still Life Photography

In the past, a still life photography is about inanimate things – or things that aren’t alive. However, the term has still life photography changed quite a bit in a broader sense. Nowadays, a still life photography can be about anything, as long as the objects don’t move. It can be about plants or animals, as long as they don’t move. Some photographers even take a picture of humans whether they are sleeping, sitting, or simply being unmoved.


You can make a still life photo of anything you like. This kind of photography doesn’t require studio setting or high-end equipment; some of them are even candid. Some friends of mine like to take this kind of picture with their smartphones or DSLR camera. One friend of mine likes to take black and white pictures while another friend likes to tag along his DSLR camera, in case there are presentable moments to capture. None of them depend heavily on studio setting and sophisticated equipment.


Things to Consider

Despite the ‘simplicity’, there are some things to consider when you want to produce alive and artistic life still images. Lighting is an important part of such process. If you want to deliver professional and yet natural look, you can consider using a reflector. My friends don’t have the expensive grade stuff; they usually make it on their own. If you can have a flash gun, the results may be better, but you don’t have to always own such device. For mor einformation, visit http://nunzioprenna.com/.