Wicker and Rattan Are Different! 100% Different!

Wicker and Rattan Are Different! 100% Different!

Which one do you prefer? Are you going to buy the

The rattan garden furniture or the wicker instead? Some of you might think that both of them are the same. It is a shocking thing when salesperson also has confusion differing those furniture types. They are not 100% same. They are totally different though you see it alike. As this misconception, they use interchangeably for outdoor and indoor use. Now, you might decide to buy rattan garden furniture. But you have to wait, here we give you a short of information about them. Just remind some points and rethink what you should buy at the shop tomorrow.

What is rattan?

Rattan comes from a tree which is grown in South Eastern. It has various diameters appearing as a pole. What makes this wood so good to be used for furniture because it is strong and can grow in hundreds of feet of high.

The rattan wood is hard to break down and durable. People usually harvest it by cutting it into small sections and steam it. Besides, the peel is also utilized for binding furniture. Therefore, this wood is also made for rattan garden furniture as it has a natural outlook and durable.

What is Wicker?

Here is the difference, the wicker is not an ancient technique of making material from the rush, rattan core, materials rattan furnitureand many more. They are made to be wet to make them easy to design. the wicker comes from various materials. Meanwhile, rattan is a specific wood.

Which one is more durable?

For the durability and versatility, of course, rattan takes the higher score than the wicker. Choosing rattan garden furniture is totally perfect. With a solid array, it creates a natural color with incredible of durability. Meanwhile, the wicker is varied, depend on the material used.